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Features writing, news reporting, podcasting, video editing, interviews, reviews, and preview content. I specialize in VR and story-driven gaming. The best stories are the human ones.

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Impact wi article
PC Gamer

Get Wrecked by a Big Ass Blizzard in this Survival Game

Impact Winter combines the best of survival games, an eerily beautiful world, and John Carpenter.

Aca story article

Game Developers Speak Up in the Face of Obamacare Repeal

The games industry owes the success of its indie scene in part to Obamacare. With its repeal on the horizon, game devs of all stripes speak out in its defense.

Pisces article

Tetris Mogul Henk Rogers wants to build a ...

Henk Rogers has always looked to the future. Now the Tetris mogul sets his sights on the seas below and the stars above.

Radio article

The Next Wave of Games Don't Need Screens

Audio developers are looking to radio's past for the future of interactive dramas.

Vannnnn article

The Nomads of Game Development

America's rolling plains, the high seas, and high in the heavens. These are the tales of the game industry's wandering souls.

Aca story 2 article

More Stories on How Obamacare Has Impacted Game Developers

When we wrote about Obamacare's impact on the game development community, we received so many responses we couldn't fit them all in our original story. These are supplementary quotes meant to help readers gain perspective.

Grandparents article

How the Gaming Industry is Leaving Today's (and Tomorrow's) Seniors Behind | Polygon

"Hello, grandkids," Shirley Curry chirps at the top of her latest video.

Cronkite article

Is Virtual Reality Journalism's Final Frontier?

From the Syrian refugee crisis to Black Lives Matter, VR is transforming the news by letting us live it.

Koi team article

Made in China: How the Developers of 'KOI' Reached Westward to ...

30 minutes. 14 years. China's ban on consoles changed a generation of young developers. Now one team is striking out and making history.

Torbjorn article
PC Gamer

How Torbjörn became the art inspiration for all of Overwatch

It turns out Overwatch fans owe its resident black sheep a lot more than they might think.

Joseph mortal blitz 2 article

Shoot the Bejesus Out of Some Demons in Mortal Blitz

Joe shoots some ugly ass demons in the South Korean "Mortal Blitz" VR attraction.

Diaries article

'Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor' Finding Greatness in Garbage

Grapple with sanitation duty, existential crises, and a cursed screaming skull in #TrashDiary

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Feature - ‘Thumper’ is a ‘Rhythm Violence’ Game from the Deepest Corners of Noise Rock | Playboy

It was a typically brainboiling summer afternoon in Chicago and Bit Bash the local indie games festival had a line of fans around the corner melting in their rubber soles. As......

Game informer  article
Google Drive Document

Game Informer News Reporting

A collection of every news story and/or preview I've written while interning at Game Informer.

Fragments of him article

Fragments of Him Tackles Death Like Few Other Games Will

Death isn't an eruption, it's a slow burn that lingers in the hearts of family and friends. Fragments of Him explores what it means to truly move on.